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How long does it take to complete a website?

Most websites are completed between 6-10 weeks. However, the time frame will vary on two main factors. 1) The size of the project. 2) How quickly we can get the information we need from the client. The quicker we have the material from the client to place into the website, the sooner we can complete the project.

Home much does it cost to get a website?

A web design project can vary from $1,400 to $8,000+. Or you may want to subscribe to a monthly plan which requires no upfront cost. The size and difficulty of the project will determine the price. You may get an instant estimate right here on our website or contact us to get a more accurate quote.

Can I upgrade from the smaller to a larger package?

Of course! If you would like to start out with a smaller package and then at any time feel that one of the larger packages will fit your needs better it is not a problem at all. We can upgrade your web design package for you by adding the additional pages and features of your choice. All that would be required is for you to pay the difference in cost between the two packages. It’s as easy as that!

Will I be able to maintain my own website?

Yes you can! Your website will be constructed on a Content Management System which will allow you back-door access to your website’s content. You can use that access to make any changes or updates as you see fit – Anytime! Anywhere! However,if you do not feel comfortable maintaining your own site, we can do it for you. There is no monthly or up front fee for this so you only pay when you need it and for what you need! Any time you need changes made to your website, simply contact us and provide us with a description of what changes you need made. We will then give you a detailed price quote for your approval. This will ensure that you always know what you are paying for and provides you with an estimated time of completion.

Do I have to host with you?

No! The Web Design Packages are offered as a stand alone product separate from our hosting services. Once the design is completed you may take the entire website and upload it to your existing host. Of course, if you do not have a current hosting provider we would be more than happy to discuss some of our hosting packages that are tailored to fit your needs!

Do I get an email address with my website?

Absolutely! We will configure as many email addresses per domain name (i.e. as the selected design package permits.

What if I need more pages? What is the cost?

You may add additional pages at any time during and or after the design process is complete. We are here to build you a website to fit your exact needs and specifications. The cost for extra pages added on to one of our designs range from $20-$60 per page depending on how much material is provided for each page. If you have an existing website that you are looking to add on to let us know and we will get in touch with you to determine your specific needs and provide you with a quote.

How long will it take for my site to rank in Google?

It takes time to get good rankings on Google. If you are starting a website now then you may have to wait for 3-4 months until you see your first visits from Google. We will be consistently working to optimize your website to make it search engine “friendly” and after 6-7 months, you can start getting more serious traffic from Google and the other search engines.

Do I own my website and logo?

Of course! The website and any applicable logos that we create for you become your property. We will download all of the site files to a flash drive so you may take them to another hosting provider or you may leave them on our servers and host it for a monthly fee. The logos will also be given to you in a file format that can easily be resized to be placed on any type of marketing material such as shirts or flyers.

If I need business cards made, will you do it?

Yes. We will design your cards with your information and a company logo that either you designed or that we designed for you.

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